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Weather, wonderful one moment, woeful the next

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Outdoor Weddings in Melbourne

Your wedding ceremony is that one day, when the weather forecast will be checked the night before by the bride, groom, parents and all attending guests, as if they are checking their tatts lotto ticket!

Traditionally, Melbourne’s hottest months are late January, February and March, you'd expect during these months that you would be able to comfortably predict a pleasant weather forecast in advance, Halt! Stop right there!

We live in Melbourne, where our climate can and often is four seasons in one day no matter what time of the year.

Expect the unexpected, plan in advance and then you will never be disappointed!

With civil ceremonies not being restricted to indoors, the trend is more often than not, to capture the beauty of the outdoors. Whether it be in a leafy suburban park, a majestic winery, a sandy shoreline of the Mornington Peninsula, a reception courtyard, or a neighbourhood back yard, all wonderful locations, but fragile to nature’s elements.

And all too often, consideration for the comfort of guests during the ceremony is low on the wedding day's priority list.

I suggest moving it up the list! Remember the ceremony and the people attending are there to enjoy and celebrate to, and the ceremony is the first stage of your big day!

Have a check list of what could go wrong if you decide to choose an outdoor or beach setting for your ceremony, what will you need to provide to make yours guests feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable on the day, who and where will your guests be coming from, what time will the ceremony be? Paying attention to these details in the early stages of planning your outdoor ceremony will assist you to make a smart considered decision rather than getting hung up on the dream in your head, where the scenery, weather and location is perfect 365 days of the year!

Can you remember back to what you liked or disliked about other outdoor ceremonies you have been to, read or heard about?

Be conscious of your guests, they may have travelled a long way, been running around and not eaten properly, some may be elderly or in poor health, most men will be wearing suits, most likely not have a hat, and most women will be wearing high heels and glammed up in their summer flocks, and all guests will be exposed to the elements and whatever mother nature decides on the day!

How can you plan for a successful outdoor wedding ceremony?

A good idea is to provide ample seating, positioned under the shade of a tree, hire a wedding canopy. Supply your guests with bottled water on arrival, nothing more disturbing, than witnessing someone collapsing due to dehydration. Perhaps, provide small sun umbrellas or old-fashioned fans for the elderly if it’s a hot day, or choose a location or venue that has a shaded uncover area or optional indoor area should the heavens decide to open just prior to the arrival of the bridal party.

Any park, beach or foreshore around Victoria is susceptible to hot gustily northerly and changing wind conditions that could keep Mary Poppins suspended in mid-air, always make sure outdoor decorations, like an archway for instance is secure, continuing on the discussion of strong winds, PA systems can be affected in strong winds, to the extent where the guest may say, “A wonderful wedding, the bride looked beautiful when she arrived, however I could not hear a darn word," and “Did you see the bride’s veil fly away in the wind ?”

In summary, if we all had a crystal ball for planning an outdoor ceremony, how perfect it would be. Eliminating any risk and having a backup plan, is like having insurance, and will give you that "peace of mind" to ensure a successful and enjoyable wedding ceremony for you and all your guests.

By the way,I checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, bright and sunny - don't forget the umbrellas!


PS: stay tuned for my next blog folks! check out my Facebook to keep up to date with my latest weddings!

Ken on the beach with umbrella

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