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The role of the wedding rehearsal

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

May I suggest, that if you’re planning to get married, in the near future, that you consider a wedding rehearsal prior to your big day.

Normally, the rehearsal, is one or two weeks prior to the event, and is symbolic of the fact that your big day is only around the corner.

The following people should be invited to the rehearsal:

  • Bride and Groom of course is mandatory

  • Maid of Honour

  • Bridesmaids

  • Best man

  • Groomsmen

  • Parents of the bride and groom

  • Witnesses, who will be signing the marriage register on the day

  • Person in charge of the music, if the celebrants  PA system is being used on the day

  • People involved in readings or rituals

  • Flower girls and Paige boys

If not everyone can be in attendance, they can be briefed later on, by the celebrant, of their role on the day.

You would always need to check with your venue, of a suitable date and time.

The benefit of a rehearsal, is immense.  Giving the bride and groom, and all those attending, the confidence of what to expect on the day.

The practice of the bridal entry, aids the encouragement of a happy posture, and relaxed stride. It determines the sequence, of which  bridal party member, walks in first.  An example being, leading the front, would be any flower girls or Paige boys. The maid of honour, followed by bridesmaids, and then the father or mother of the bride, arm in arm with the bride. Really, anyone can walk down the aisle with the bride, she can even walk down on her own if she wishes.

Where the bridal party stands is choreographed, ensuring everyone is comfortably positioned.

The giving away of the bride can also be portrayed by interaction with the father and the bride.

Any rituals or readings are rehearsed. The wedding vows can be kept as a secret.

A mock presentation of the wedding rings can be conveyed.

A pretend declaration of marriage, and a kiss between the bride and groom, to a raptured round of applause

Formalisation of the ceremony site is not to be underestimated. Whether it be an indoor ceremony with floor area restrictions, to an outdoor event, with nature’s terrain and existing obstacles, that maybe present, such as : overhanging tree branches, nearby water or a steep and hilly landscape.

My role as a celebrant is to be conscious, that the wedding runs smoothly, with care and respect to proper planning.  Always remembering, that a wedding is a wonderful celebration, and can be only enhanced by fostering a fun environment.

See you at the rehearsal!



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