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  • Where can I obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate?"
    In Australia at the Registry Office - Births, Deaths & Marriages in the relevant State or Territory. If overseas at the relevant authority in that country.
  • The Pre-wedding declarations (Form 14) are to be completed before marriage. What is the definition of before?
    Usually within two weeks or so before your intended marriage. Under No circumstances can the declaration be signed after the marriage as the couple are declaring they are legally free to marry before the wedding takes place.
  • Can a person sign/lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage while still waiting for a divorce?
    A Notice of Intended Marriage can be signed and lodged before the divorce order has been made, or decree has been pronounced, however, they cannot marry until it becomes final and absolute.
  • How long after a Divorce Order (Decree Nisi) can a person marry?
    In Australia, usually a decree becomes final and absolute, one day and one month after the court order. It is possible, in some cases, to apply to the court for a shortening of time.
  • If a divorce took place overseas what documents do you need to sight?
    You must supply the original divorce documents (translated if necessary) and the details are recorded to identify the date, place and any reference numbers of the divorce.
  • Where do we get the Notice of Intention of Marriage?
    Your marriage celebrant normally can supply this and also assist you to complete the form at your first consultant.
  • What documents do I need to produce before I get married?
    If you were born in Australia, your original Birth Certificate, or an authorised extract. If you were born overseas accept a passport. If you are not able to provide either of these documents a celebrant will take a statutory declarations.
  • Can I use my passport if I am an Australian instead of a birth certificate?
    Yes, An Australian passport can be accepted ,however an attempt should be made to obtain your birth certificate.
  • Can someone under the age of 18 give Notice of Intended Marriage?
    Yes, however, they cannot marry until they turn 18. But if one is less than 18, but not less than 16, if they have parental consent and a court order they may be granted consent by a court, but this is rare.
  • If I have been married before and my partner has died what to you need to see?
    You will need to provide proof, you will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of the original death certificate.
  • What relationships prohibit marriage?
    Direct family members, i.e: fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, grandparents etc. Cousins may marry. Step children may marry if there is no blood relationship. Adopted children are viewed as natural children of the family.
  • If shortly after the wedding ceremony the couple change their minds what happens?
    Once the marriage ceremony takes place the couple are legally married and the celebrant must register the marriage. The couple would need to go to the Court to get the marriage annulled and obtain a divorce.
  • I have more questions, how do I ask them?"
    Chances are you will have a question we haven't answered here in our FAQ's. If thats the case, head on over to our Enquiries page and send us a message. Depending on your question we may even add the response to the FAQ's to assist othger vistors with the same question!
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