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K R Vijaya Blue Film Actress15 safmald




Pranam Walekum full movie in tamil download movies V. K. TV. Vishal will soon play in another film. Feature casting - Viji. All Songs Can be downloaded from youtube. Synopsis: Devi (Vijaya) is an academic in the medical field. Her marriage is fixed for her engagement. Devi's father (Pasi Sathyam) is the richest man in the city. Devi's sister (Chandrika) takes care of Devi's money. Devi and her friend have fixed an alliance with two brothers (Prasad and Suresh). Suresh happens to be the son of Devi's father's friend. Devi gets shocked when she finds Suresh is actually a very close friend of her family and her father is a very big millionaire. Suresh decides to marry Devi and the wedding is fixed. Devi's father is not happy about this. Devi is heartbroken. Devi decides to sell her property. Suresh agrees to this decision. Devi starts work for her father. Devi's father is pleased with Suresh and gets a heart attack. Devi, her sister, Suresh and her dad decide to get him a heart transplant. After Devi returns from her first trip for a heart transplant, Suresh promises her to become a perfect husband and a good father to her daughter and settles with his job in the US. Prasad and Suresh split their suit before their wedding. There is a misunderstanding between Devi and Suresh about an office rendezvous. Devi feels hurt by this. Prasad comes to know about this and gets angry with his wife. Devi doesn't get Suresh's call for a few days. Suresh feels helpless. Devi doesn't answer his calls and letters. Devi's parents are waiting for Devi's return. Devi returns and tells her parents that she is going to quit her job as a doctor and work in a hospital as a nurse. Devi's parents feel helpless. Suresh misses Devi and calls her to give her a long distance message. Devi goes to her father's office. Devi's father is not fine. Devi wants to help. Suresh comes to know about Devi's father and says that he will help Devi's father to get a heart transplant. Suresh promises to Devi that he will come for her marriage with him as soon as he gets settled. Devi agrees to this




K R Vijaya Blue Film Actress15 safmald
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